Major events

Whether you want music, history or just a good time with your family or friends, you’ll be spoilt for choice in Walloon Brabant! Don’t know what to do? Find Walloon Brabant’s big events of 2021 here!


Commemoration of the Battle of Waterloo

Juni 2021

18 June 1815: a day that changed the course of History…

To the sound of cannon fire, shouts and thundering hooves in the fields of Waterloo, relive the battle between Napoleon and Wellington! Experience the lives of the soldiers through their bivouacs, and tremble as you witness the Battle of Waterloo re-enactment. 

Les Afronautes at the Bois des Rêves estate in Ottignies

Juni 2021

The Bois des Rêves estate in Ottignies holds an African-themed event where you can spend an evening enjoying rhythmic dancing to the beat of djembes, savour some African dishes and admire the beautiful crafts of this sunny continent!


Summer 2021

All it takes is a deckchair on a little stretch of beach, your feet in the sand and a few rays of sunshine… Like magic, in the heart of Walloon Brabant, the centre of Louvain-la-Neuve becomes “Louvain Beach”. In a colourful atmosphere, there’s lots going on to entertain kids and adults alike!
We guarantee you’ll feel like you’re on holiday by the sea!

Summer play at Villers-la-Ville Abbey

July 2021

Every year, Villers-la-Ville Abbey hosts a play.

In 2021, it will be “Lucrezia Borgia”. This wonderful and tragic melodrama surpasses all of Victor Hugo’s triumphs. The play is great and powerful, dark and dense. It plunges the audience into the poetic violence of the melodrama.  

Choral Night at the Villers-la-Ville Abbey

27 and 28 Augustus 2021

Villers-la-Ville Abbey reveals its greatest assets during its traditional “Choral Night”. The event is part concert, part walk. In a distinctive musical style, the voices of 6 choirs reverberate around this enchanting setting. This unique and special experience ends with a bang, thanks to a firework display.

Fireworks and projections at the Castle of Hélécine

September 2021

See the Castle of Hélécine in its best light as it sparkles and glows for around an hour! With music in the background, you’ll be dazzled by the projections that transform the castle using images from the artists’ imaginations… See you in September for the biggest firework display in Belgium!

Inc'Rock BW Festival in Incourt

September 2021

Festival-lovers, this event is made for you!
The Inc’Rock BW Festival, which takes place in Incourt, offers a whole weekend of concerts, with music for all tastes and above all, a fantastic atmosphere!

24h Vélo in Louvain-la-Neuve

October 2021

Want to discover and get involved in a real jewel of Walloon Brabant’s living heritage? The “24h vélo”, a 24-hour bicycle ride in Louvain-la-Neuve, is unmissable! Everyone is welcome at this student-run event. What is it? A procession of decorated bikes, each more bizarre than the last, and a 24-hour bicycle race around a course of several kilometres, all in a quirky, party atmosphere!

The Tour Sainte-Gertrude in Nivelles

October 2021

The Tour Sainte-Gertrude in Nivelles was originally a religious procession. Long ago, the abbesses and canonesses would go to meet farmers, the sick and the poor. Today, this widely-known event is an unmissable experience!
Set out for a 15km walk through fields, all in a very friendly atmosphere. As you walk, you can enjoy the sound of choirs, their songs mingling with the voices of those who have become “pilgrims” for a day.

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