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On the discovery of the gourmet heritage

On the discovery of the gourmet heritage

On the discovery of the gourmet heritage of Brabant Hesbaye

From Pietrebais to Orp-le-Grand, this 43km route will take you to eastern Walloon Brabant.
Brabant Hesbaye is a gourmet region showcased by its talented producers and artisans.
There is a lot of farming here, which gives the region its  "bread basket" image.
Your trip will start from a majestic courtyard farm
and will take you on the discovery of producers of apple and pear juices, foie gras, cheeses and dairy desserts,
but also of one of the best pralines in Walloon Brabant and other quality products.

Download the route here

Things to see:

  • The many courtyard farms, symbols of Hesbaye country
  • The Opprebais quarry and the Sente (art trail)
  • Mélin, one of the most beautiful villages in Wallonia


1. Verger de la chise in Piétrebais
Different apple and pear varieties are produced here but also delicious jams and jellies, not forgetting the apple juice varieties.

Rue de la Chise, 4 - 1315 Piétrebais

2. Ferme Masson-Willems in Perwez
This farm is specialised in products based on raw cow's milk. You can get milk, butter, cheese and even delicious desserts there!

Rue du Mont, 187 - 1360 Perwez

3. Pâtisserie Le Vatel à Jauche
Traditional Baker-Patissier, conserving the essentials of the product with a slight avant-garde touch. Le Vatel won the prize for the best praline in Walloon Brabant in 2012.

Place de la Liberté, 6 - 1350 Jauche

4. La Corbeille à Orp-le-Grand
Butcher's and delicatessen offering the region's best fine food products such as the traditional Boudin Vert d'Orp.

Rue Virgile Ovart, 9 - 1350 Orp-le-Grand