Chapter of the Brotherhood of Stofé


Tarte au StoféConfrérie du Stofé


The Grand Master and Dignitaries of the Brotherhood of Stofé de Wavre invite you to their chapter, which takes place in the community hall of Wavre Town Hall. This will be followed by a gastronomic meal with music and a typical Belgian folklore surprise.

The Académie des Dames du Floc de Gascogne, with which the Brotherhood is twinned, will honour its presence and their excellent beverage will be served to the inductees. As there are a limited number of places, please book your seat early!

The Confrérie du Stofé promotes the “tarte au stofé”. Stofé (or blanc stofé) means curd cheese in Walloon. It is the main ingredient of this light, fresh-tasting tart, decorated with crushed macaroons and bitter almonds on a base of Reinette apples.


The 19 September 2021


Place de l’Hôtel de Ville
1300 Wavre

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