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"In our hectic lives we all often have a lot on our minds. Its good to sometimes take the lid off, release the bubbles and share a beer…" That is the credo of the Tête Chargée brewery. Their beer production meets the Belgian Beer of Wallonia Charter: brewed and bottled by the artisan, an identity that is at once regional and Belgian.

Spoken languages : French


Sale at the shop: only by appointment

Equipments and Services on site

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Wark's Mum

Wark’s Mum

The Wark’s Mum is a hibiscus flavoured beer which is what gives it this nice pinky colour. ABV 11.2%.

Wark no gluten

Wark no gluten

The Wark no gluten is a blonde beer made from malt and pure barley which is “de-glutenised”. Each mash is tested so you can enjoy it without worry. ABV 6.8%.

Wark blond

Wark blond

The Wark blond is a pure malt top-fermented beer brewed on an intense flame.

 ABV 6.8%.


Rue du Moulin à Eau, 17
1342 Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve

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