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Sweet and savoury trip

Sweet and savoury trip

Sweet and savoury trip through the centre of Walloon Brabant

This route will lead you to the heart of Walloon Brabant, in a peaceful, exotic region.
Along this 45 km route you can find a chocolate maker, a patissier, farmers, a team of brewers and mushroom producers.
All love their local region and are proud of their know-how and are an invitation for you to taste their products.
And if you haven't had enough, continue your gourmet getaway over at Villers-la-Ville a few kilometres
from your last halt where more gourmet landmarks await you.

So are you leaving on this sweet savoury trip through the heart of Walloon Brabant?

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Things to see:



1. Art de Praslin in Wavre
With their unique know-how, this chocolate maker's offers an incredibly diverse selection of pralines. There are over 130 different ones, hand made with local, seasonal products like almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, Morello cherries..... L'Art de Praslin is famous for its unique, traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation.

Rue de Nivelles, 12 - 1300 Wavre

2. Brasserie du Renard in Pécrot
This brewery works as a social and environmental cooperative. A worthy project, but also a set of original beers distinguished by their spices or fresh fruit-based composition whose taste will surprise you. A visit to the workshop reveals their specific know-how in the manufacture of these local products.

Rue Constant Wauters, 22 -1390 Pécrot

3. Chaumont-Gistoux Pies
This enterprise founded in 1945 continues a tradition that has made Chaumont-Gistoux famous. Pies, cakes, quiches, from the sweet to the salted, these artisan products offer a torrent of delicious flavours, using ancestral recipes and the best local ingredients. All the products are made in the sole workshop underneath the shop.

Chaussée de Huy, 240 - 1325 Chaumont-Gistoux

4. Champignons Smartmush in Walhain
Quentin and Théodore, two young entrepreneurs, have set up this eco-educational mushroom farm. They offer short-loop sale of their organic mushrooms such as grey, yellow or pink pleurotus, shiitake and nameko! A very inviting programme brimming with favour and know-how.

Rue de la Station, 95 - 1457 Walhain

5. Ferme du Patriote in Chastre
Benjamin and his parents have opened a shop in the old stable of their large Brabant courtyard farm, typical of the region. They offer organic vegetables, eggs, chickens from their own farm and also a wide range of products of other local artisans and farmers (honey, butter, ice cream, charcuterie, beers, juices,...).

Rue de Mellery, 91 - 1450 Chastre