Activities for cyclists

Here you can find information specific to cyclists.

Welcome cyclists

You can choose an itinerary that favours establishments participating in the Bikes Welcome programme.

These establishments, which display the logo at their entrance, are all within 5 km of the biking network. They offer different cyclist-oriented services, including a secure, covered bike shed, facilities for cleaning or repairs, and also information and tourist maps.

Below is a list of “Bikes Welcome” establishments:

Bed and breakfasts:

Guest houses:

Tourist offices:

  • Syndicat d’initiative – Villers-la-Ville

Restaurants :

  • Quatre quarts in Court-Saint-Etienne
  • Relais Saint-Martin in Tourinnes-la-Grosse

Bike rental

Where can you hire a bike?

Beauvechain : eZee Europe

Genappe : Cycles Biarent 

Limal : Vélo Familial

Nivelles : Adrian’s Bike Bikes Adventure

Ottignies : Pro Vélo

Waterloo : Pro Cycle Royal Syndicat d’Initiative of Waterloo Ecocyclo