Grand’Place de Jodoigne


Grand'Place de Jodoigne


The entirely cobbled Grand’Place is one of the town’s unmissable tourist attractions.

It dates all the way back to the 13th century when the new town was created and was part of the town walls. A chapel was built there, Our Lady of the Market Chapel, so that residents could have a place of worship as Saint Médard’s and Saint Lambert’s churches were outside the town walls. The town hall was also built there as well as a covered market as it had become an important market town.

Today it is a must-see for many reasons. For tourism of course, thanks to the Gobertange stone that illuminates it and also remarkable buildings such as Our Lady of the Market Chapel, the Hôtel des Libertés and the Viscount’s House.

Then for practical reasons as it has a variety of important businesses such as a cinema, supermarket, pharmacy, restaurants and bars…

Some annual events are also held here organised by the town including the Ascension Market, the biggest cattle fair in the province, and others such as the Jodoigne-les-Bains festival in summer.

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