Wines and spirits

Walloon Brabant has the wine in its sails!
Discover the vineyards developing there, get to know passionate wine growers, but above all taste their exceptional wines!

The Château de Bousval Vineyard

The Château de Bousval Vineyard was born of Michel’s ambition to create a high-quality local wine. After several years of work, the vineyard produced its first harvest in October 2016. That means it won’t be long before the Château de Bousval has its own wine for you to taste…

Rue du Grand Arbre 23 
1470 Bousval

The Domaine du Chapitre

“Le Vin de Jean”, “Rêve en bleu”, “Notes rosées” or “Pré en Bulles”… There are so many different wines to try! They are brought to you by the Domaine du Chapitre in Baulers, in the west of Walloon Brabant. If you want to extend your tasting experience, the Ferme du Chapitre has gîtes and furnished properties where you can stay.

9 rue Ferme du Chapitre,
1401 Baulers

The Ferme d’Agbiermont

In Nodebais, a small village in eastern Walloon Brabant, the Ferme d’Agbiermont produces the “Fonds des Loups” dry white wine (Rivaner, Pinot Auxerrois). Growing, harvesting, bottling and direct sale at the farm. You can also taste it at the Relais-Saint-Martin (Tourinnes-la-Grosse) and find it at two farms: the Ferme de la Chise (Beauvechain) and the Ferme Evrard (Nodebais).

Vieux Chemin de Namur 6
1320 Beauvechain


The Bois des Dames Vineyard

In La Hulpe, just a stone’s throw from Brussels, the Bois des Dames Vineyard is a collective vineyard that respects the environment and ambience of the magnificent valley of the “Coulant d’eau” (or Mazerine).

If everything goes according to plan, the vineyard will produce its first juice in 2019, and its first wine the following year!

Sentier 49,
1310  La Hulpe

The Domaine de Mellemont

Thorembais-Saint-Trond (Perwez) boasts the largest vineyard in Walloon Brabant, the Domaine de Mellemont! For more than 10 years, three neighbours who became friends have pooled their efforts to achieve a shared goal: to produce good, local Belgian wine. And they have done it! Their successful collaboration has allowed the Domaine de Mellemont to develop various wines (Red, White, Cuvée des Moines, Rosé des Béguines), but also a range of sparkling wines made using traditional methods (Bulles pour Lui, Bulles pour Elle, Bulles de Rosé).

Avenue Lieutenant Bigourdan 1
1360 Thorembais-les-Béguines

The Domaine-W Vineyard

The Domaine-W vineyard in Saintes, in the west of Walloon Brabant, is more than just organic! The site offers a Brabant farm, 17,000 organic vines, a unique terroir, 200 trees and bushes, flower meadows, hives and more. Their aim is to come together, share and savour, while developing a high-end, traditional and environmentally friendly method. The first bottles are maturing in the cellar and will be available exclusively for members at the end of 2020.

Rue Quenestine, 2
1480 Saintes


Villers-la-Vigne is the vineyard of Villers-la-Ville Abbey. It is part of the Association des Vins d’Abbayes (Abbey Wines Association). Restored during the 1990s, it consists of a plain and four south-facing terraces, surrounded by stone walls that are several centuries old. The vineyard has 0.15 hectares of planted land. With over 200 members working together as a team, the Villers Abbey Vineyard society maintains the vines, bringing the abbey’s ancient vineyard back to life.

The Villers-la-Vigne designation covers four products with unique vinification characteristics and a specific terroir. Treat your taste buds to the Villers-la-Vigne white, the Villers-la-Vigne red, the Mistelle de Villers-la-Vigne white and the Marc de Villers-la-Vigne.

Rue de l’Abbaye, 55
1495 Villers-la-Ville

Les Vins de Genval

 “Les Vins de Genval” is a collective and participatory local vineyard, planted in April 2011. Its main section is located in the garden of the Villa du Beau-Site in Genval, but it also extends into the neighbourhood and private gardens. This project unites and brings together the community! Les Vins de Genval’s wines come from 700 vines across 0.14 hectares of land.

Avenue des Combattants, 14
1332 Genval

The Domaine de Glabais

Bubbles for the Domaine de Glabais! In order to diversify his farming business, Christian planted 3.2 hectares with 4 varieties (Chardonnay, Pinot blanc, Auxerrois and Noir). He recently produced “Domaine de Glabais – Prémices”, a promising Crémant with the Crémant de Wallonie designation. In the future, a wine cellar will be installed in the old farmhouse next to the plot.

rue Wilquet Werner 16
1473 Glabais

The Coteaux des Avelines Vineyard

This small family vineyard is located just 4 kilometres from the wonderful Villers-la-Ville Abbey, nestled amidst bucolic countryside and next to a Natura 2000 zone. In May 2018, the “Coteaux des Avelinesvineyard acquired its first vines.

These passionate winegrowers take great care of the hardy varieties that guarantee responsible viticulture as a minimum, promising to become organic as quickly as possible. The first harvests are expected in autumn 2020!

Rue de la Taille Loquet, 40
1495 Sart-Dames-Avelines

Domaine Beekborne

Domaine Beekborne is right in the east of our lovely province in a place called Vîs Tchapias in Neerheylissem. The ‘Poupouye’, ‘Les Garennes’ and ‘Bosquet Jadoul’ vineyards share a south-facing slope. A fourth plot is located a few kilometres away in Flemish Brabant. 4 unique terroirs and a traditional and manual wine-making method for very high quality terroir wines. This wine-growing couple’s wish is to create a purely Belgian wine! The wines of this estate are sold only by reservation.

Rue Beekborne 6
1357 Neerheylissem

Vineyards, but also local liqueurs and delicious spirits…

Abbesse from Nivelles

“Abbesse” liqueur from Nivelles was brought into the spotlight in the late 20th century by Mr M. Vandeweyer. This amber drink is similar to Bénédictine. It is made using a recipe from the early 20th century and is available from the artisan producer.

1400 Nivelles


Nutts Original

Discover “Nutts Original”, a hazelnut flavoured liqueur (35°). This sweet, delicate beverage is the original creation of Pascal Lenoir of Genappe. Drink it with ice or in a cocktail, or use it in delicious recipes.

Chaussée de Charleroi, 5
1470 Genappe

Apéros de Philomène

Located in Vieux-Genappe, in a splendid farm building dating back to 1707, the traditional liqueur distillery “Les Apéros de Philomène” offers a wide range of plant-based aperitifs and fruit wines, plus around thirty pekets and other local products. Handmade using natural methods, products from Les Apéros de Philomène have been delighting consumers in their thousands for over two decades.

Chaussée de Bruxelles 60
1472 Vieux-Genappe


ApéReiff” fruit juices and fruit wines are made in Rebecq. There are lots of flavours to try: apple, lime, rhubarb, strawberry and rhubarb, blackcurrant, raspberry, wild cherry, nut, elderflower… There’s something for everyone! What’s more, the vinification is natural, without flavourings or colourings. Enjoy in moderation…

Rue de Saintes 42
1430 QuenastéReiff

Gin and Whisky from Waterloo

Have you ever tried Waterloo Gin and Whisky? A micro-distillery was recently set up at the Mont-Saint-Jean Farm. This place full of history, character and authenticity is returning to a tradition from bygone days, by distilling high-quality gin and whisky. In the past, there was already a distillery on the site, because it was an effective way of recycling expired beers. The Waterloo beer base is the main ingredient in both Waterloo Gin and Whisky. The only difference is that when making whisky, the distillate is not altered in any way, whereas various spices and plants are added for flavour when producing gin. The whisky will be available in 2020.

Chaussée de Charleroi, 591
1410 Waterloo

Apéros de chez nous

Various fruit wines, cordials and juices are produced in Ramillies, in the east of Walloon Brabant. At Apéros de chez nous, there’s a flavour for everyone: apple, rhubarb, raspberry, blackberry, cherry, pear, and even… dandelion! There are so many wines and juices to try, but make sure you enjoy them in moderation…

Avenue des Déportés, 84
1367 Ramillies