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Head out to explore Walloon Brabant in the heart of Belgium. This dynamic province will charm you with its friendliness, tourist sites, areas for relaxation, events and gastronomy!
Explore this exceptional destination whether for tourism, culture, history or just an escape… Enjoy some new experiences in Walloon Brabant!

Carnival of Rebecq

From 25 March 2023 to 26 March 2023

Carnival of Rebecq

Rebecq carnival, in the west of Walloon Brabant, offers a thrilling experience on the second Sunday before Easter! This carnival has come far over the years. Today, it has around thirty floats and a...

Concerts at the Solvay Regional Estate

From 15 March 2023 to 26 March 2023

Concerts at the Solvay Regional Estate

Head to the Solvay Regional Estate (Domaine régional Solvay - Château de La Hulpe) for 4 fabulous concerts with internationally renowned musicians!

Guided tour of Villers Abbey vineyard

The 1 April 2023

Guided tour of Villers Abbey vineyard

This guided tour takes you to a vineyard set in an enclosure next to the ruins of the Cistercian Abbey in Villers-la-Ville.Consisting of a plain and four terraces, this little green space gives...

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