What to do with the kids?

Are your children on vacation? Are you on vacation or is it the weekend? Are you looking for something to keep them busy?
This is where it’s happening!

On this page you’ll find all the activities to do as a family in Walloon Brabant. 
From the Easter egg hunt to treasure hunts and Halloween festivities, you’re sure to find a great activity to share good times with your children.

Visit our beautiful communes, whether it is in Genappe, Louvain-la-Neuve, Wavre, Hélécine, Nivelles or Waterloo, there is always an activity for the family!

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Carnival in Villers-la-Ville


From 17 February 2023 to 20 February 2023

Journée familles au Musée L : Musée, mange-moi!


The 22 February 2023 (1 other date available)

The carnival “Bout d’ficelle” of Braine-le-Château


From 12 March 2023 to 13 March 2023 (1 other date available)