The good things in life

Take the time to enjoy life! 
Walloon Brabant is a welcoming land where you can enjoy wellness stays full of gourmet delights, relaxation, walks and easygoing activities. 
Prepare for some ideal relaxation by using some of the ideas on this page!


In open spaces

In Walloon Brabant we are lucky enough to live in this little corner of paradise close to Brussels. This ‘garden of Brussels’ is the perfect setting to recharge your batteries: large parks, fields, lakes, woods… And this decor evolves with the seasons and the agriculture…

paysage wallonie-1

On the edge of the Sonian Forest you will find the wonderful Solvay regional estate, also known as the park of 1,000 rhododendrons! Wander along footpaths, beside lakes or in the shade of tall trees… Is this not what happiness looks like?


When art and nature meet

The Belgian artist Jean-Michel Folon did a lot of work on the theme of nature, the environment and childhood. Discover his multi-faceted artwork at the Folon Foundation, right in the heart of the estate.

Fondation Folon

Folon Foundation

Drève de la Ramée, 6/a
1310 La Hulpe

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Good tip

Find all the parks and gardens here.

Easygoing activities

Beside the water...

25km from the centre of Brussels, in the heart of the Lasne Valley, Genval Lake is a little nugget of Walloon Brabant, a little corner of paradise that is a real breath of fresh air. Covering an area of 18 hectares, this lake was created in 1904 so that holidaymakers from the time could come for a dip! Still today you will love the charm of the buildings from the Belle Époque. Relaxation and romanticism are in good supply!

For the more sporty among you, Genval Yacht Club provides pedalos, paddle boards and even sailing boats. That’s not all: they also have barges for hire! What’s that? They’re a kind of wooden platform floating on the water with tables and chairs… Why? To enjoy yourself with friends and family, maybe having an aperitif on the water for example! And the cherry on the cake? Some barges even have a barbecue! Aperitif + barbecue on the water = a great summer’s day!


Like to play golf?

Our little region of Walloon Brabant can boast to have the most golf courses per square kilometre!

The courses are spread across the province. They are varied, different levels, accessible for young and old, beginners or experienced players. Lots of clubs offer lessons for beginners. So why wait to have a swing? 

Walks and bike rides

They say that happiness is not the destination, it’s the journey! So what are you waiting for? Time for a nice journey around Walloon Brabant!

ferme de mellemont© A. Kouprianoff - v

By bicycle...

By bicycle, you can choose between a signposted itinerary, using the 1,500km nodes network, or you can use the Cirkwi app to follow one of the cycling routes selected by the Tourist Office. Stop off in a “Bikes welcome” establishment: you will not be disappointed by the welcome!

Order the map of the nodes network to create a route to your liking or take inspiration from our book of 10 bike rides “Walloon Brabant by bike”

...Or in trainers

On foot you can also discover fields stretching as far as the eye can see, landscapes marked by the square farms typical of the region, rural villages, country roads… These landscapes evolve with the seasons and the agriculture, going from green to yellow… 

Just for you we have selected the best walks in the “Walking tours” section. Don’t hesitate and put your walking shoes on!

Follow the guide!

Discover Brabant Hesbaye in a different way with the Greeters! These passionate citizens will teach you everything there is to know about their region. The Greeters offer free tours of 2 or 3 hours to suit your interests and desires. A real customised tour! What are you waiting for?

Gourmet delights

Because happiness also comes via the stomach!
And yes, you have not truly discovered a place if you have not tasted one or other local speciality!

Local flavour

There is a lot of farming in Walloon Brabant and no shortage of local producers. From farm produce to beer and wine, this region has much to offer the taste buds!

Meet local producers proud of their identity and expertise, and eat local produce! Whether you are looking for cheeses, wines, chocolate or beer, there are many local tradespeople to meet your needs! You will even find some specific products: saffron made in Walloon Brabant at L’Histoire d’Anthony, or snails at Saint-Véron snail farm.

Good tip

Three establishments in Walloon Brabant have the label ‘Bistrot de terroir’. This is a label indicating Walloon quality and commits restaurants and cafés to offering local products.

Between tradition and… dégustation!

Go right to the heart of Brabant folklore by sampling the good products of our associations! Try the delicious ham from the Order of the Piétrain Pig association, the green sausage from the Mougneûs d’Vete Trëpe association, the tarte au Stofé from Wavre or the famous Tarte al Djote from Nivelles! Find all the associations in Walloon Brabant here.

Nivelles - L'Union - Tarte Al Djote

Relaxing stays

Take a break from your hectic everyday schedule, let time stand still for a while... We all dream of it! In Walloon Brabant it is possible! Relax and pamper yourself in one of our wellness accommodations!

Koru Hotel
Jardins du Koru Hotel
Le Dolce La Hulpe
Martin's Château du Lac
Van der Valk Nivelles Sud

In one of our luxury hotels

Experience a fairytale: charm, luxury and wellness for pure relaxation…

In one of our B&Bs

Experience the luxury and authenticity of the B&Bs.

Au 1001 nuits
Au Pont d'Arcole
Maison en pierre
Gertrude and Friends
Gite du Châtelet
Roulotte des mésanges

In one of our exceptional guest houses

Stay in one of Walloon Brabant’s many charming guest houses. A rural guest house, on a farm or a holiday home, enjoy a moment of relaxation.