The adventurers of the Relais des Rêves


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The Relais des Rêves & Alleluias Events offer unusual adventures suitable for the whole family and your ‘bubble’ of friends (8 to 10 people aged 5 to 111 years):

  • The adventurers of KO LANTA: activity inspired by a French reality TV show. Participants will spend 2 hours in the shoes of the ‘survivors’ on Ko Lanta island. The big tribes (families) competing will have to undertake ‘survival’ challenges. An unusual activity that combines intellectual, physical and endurance challenges.
  • Fort Grez-Doiceau: inspired by the TV game show, this new game involves a variety of physical and intellectual challenges to win a treasure (in ‘Grez’, the currency of the fort). The team is surrounded by the ‘population of the fort’, characters who enhance the place’s mysterious and fantasy ambiance.
  • Live Cluedo Party: the participants will arrive at the Relais des Rêves without knowing they are about to have an unusual experience. Once they enter, everything turns on its head… the drama begins! Two police officers will explain the different relationships between the victim and the suspects in a humorous way.

The game is only available in French.

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