Les Ateliers du Coquelicot


Les ateliers du coquelicotLes Ateliers du Coquelicot


Come and enjoy Karin De Wit’s 100 per cent original tea jellies, which come in a delicious range of flavours: just tea, fruits and 30 per cent sugar! A lovely treat to brighten up any time of the day. The products available at the Atelier du Coquelicot are black tea without fruit; fruit and black tea: apple and cinnamon, apple and gingerbread, Kenya 4 spice, quince and amaretto; green tea: rose and violet, lemon and ginger; infusions: poppy flowers, thyme jelly, Espelette pepper jelly.

Products : Teajelly

Spoken languages : English, French, Dutch

labels : APAQ-W

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rue des Coquelicots, 2
1300 Wavre

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