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Having heard that Waterloo beer restored energy and valour in those who drank it, the Duke of Wellington allowed his men to drink it to boost their strength and courage on the eve of the Battle of Waterloo. With the English victory on 18 June 1815, the legend of Waterloo was born.

Waterloo today is among John Martin’s prestigious Finest Beer Selection, along with the likes of Guinness, Gordon and Timmermans.

A micro-brewery has been opened at Mont-Saint-Jean Farm, which was where the Duke of Wellington set up the English hospital during the battle in 1815.

Spoken languages : English, French, Dutch


Guided tours are provided only on reservation by telephone 7 days in advance.

Equipments and Services on site

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Waterloo Récolte Hiver

Waterloo Récolte Hiver

This farm beer is a seasonal brew. The use of roasted malt and malted wheat give it a nice chestnut colour. It is slightly bitter and features aromas of dried fruit and cocoa. ABV 6%.

Waterloo Récolte

Waterloo Récolte

This is a genuine local product, the raw materials of which come from the fertile soil of the plains of Waterloo. The beer captivates the taste buds, via its forefront of malts and wheat followed by its bitter back taste. Once conquered, expect setbacks, however, because it is very charming but also cunning: ‘Bravery!’

Alcohol: 6%

Color: Light Blond

Fermentation: High

Type: Special beer farm type

Temperature: 5 °C

Formats: 15l keg and 20l one way keg

Waterloo Triple Blonde

Waterloo Triple Blonde

The triple blond is both simple and complex with alternating bitter hops and the flexibility of its malt, gives this Waterloo beer the taste of victory.

Waterloo Strong Dark

Waterloo Strong Dark

A coffee nose is combined with a tone of roots, but with a strong, disciplined character. Its flavour develops gradually, reminiscent, if you will, of the ardor of the soldiers of the Battle of Waterloo.


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