Bailiff’s House


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Do not hesitate to enter this beautiful building from the early 16th century featuring a wonderful Renaissance sandstone gable. You will be warmly welcomed by the team at the Braine-le-Château tourist office.

This building used to be the residence of the bailiff who was responsible for dealing with criminal matters. These days it very often has temporary exhibitions.

The Bailiff’s House also houses the Tool Centre. Tools, artefacts, old books and documents for different professions are collected here. In particular, discover an exceptional collection of music engraving tools.

Discover the Bailiff’s House on the small walking tour of Braine-le-Château.

Visit language : German, English, French, Dutch


From Tuesday to Sunday : 1 pm – 5:30 pm + Sundays and bank holidays: 1pm – 5pm from April to end of October


Guided tours of the castle estate, the lapidarium, St-Remy’s church, the main square, the stocks and the Bailiff’s House:

Adult: €10

Article 27: €1

< 12 years: free

Equipments and Services on site

  • Accessible People with limited mobility


Place des Martyrs, 19
1440 Braine-le-Château

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