Pond of Pécrot


Etang de Pécrot


This is a stunning 5-hectare lake on the outskirts of the Brabant part of the Ardennes. More precisely, it is located in Pécrot in the municipality of Grez-Doiceau. This site, included in the Natura 2000 network, is one of the most beautiful marshes of the Dyle Valley. Its large surface makes it an ideal refuge and nesting place for many water birds.

The main activity here is fishing. Activities are offered throughout the season for both members and non-members.


From the sunrise until the sunset

Fishing for whitefish: 02/02 until 31/12, 3 rods for the hole season

Pick fishing: 01/07 until 31/12


Rue Georges Pensis, 21
1390 Grez-Doiceau

Tel. +3210846332

Tel. +32473968869