Castle of Vicomté


Castle of Vicomté- flanc droit-Rue de la MaladrerieCastle of Vicomté-wall and turretCastle of Vicomté-turretCastle of Vicomté-wall, turret and Maladrerie's streetCastle of Vicomté


This property belonged to the viscounts of Jodoigne and the counts of Glymes in the 16th and 17th centuries.

What remains of the former castle today is a beautiful, large and freshly renovated building with a shining facade of Gobertange stone standing on the Grand Place.

The property extends all the way along Rue de la Maladrerie and has a very pretty turret or “gazebo” at the end made from brick and Gobertange stone.

The castle is privately owned but has been known to open its doors for Heritage Days.

Visit language : French


Grand’Place, 8a-9
1370 Jodoigne