French Museum dedicated to the Battle of Gembloux


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The 1st French Army Museum at Cortil Noirmont is set in the classrooms of the former school where, in May 1940, a Moroccan regiment decided to base its headquarters due to the combat that was breaking out in the region. The teachers were asked to evacuate…

The museum looks back at the operations carried out in 1940 by the French army in Belgium through numerous military artefacts. On display are weapons, ammunition, uniforms, documents from the time, maps, etc. You can learn about operations undertaken by the Belgian, French and British armies as part of the “Dyle manoeuvre”. The French army fought heroically there.

It is also possible to combine visiting the museum with visiting the necropolis and battlefield.

Visit language : French


From 1/05 to 30/09: on Sunday: from 2 pm to 6 pm.

The museum is also open by appointment all year round.


Adult: €2

Child < 12 years: free

Groups: €25/group

Equipments and Services on site

  • Accessible People with limited mobility


Rue Tensoul, 5
1450 Chastre

Tel. +32486606935