Moulin Banal (Museum of Milling)


Moulin banal Braine-le-ChâteauMoulin banal intérieur


This is a rather remarkable milling museum set in a mill where the paddle wheel is operated in good weather! You will be able to learn about the mechanics of the mill as well as the equipment and tools used. There are records of a village mill in Braine-le-Château as far back as 1226. Under the Old Regime, peasants from Braine-le-Château and Haut-Ittre would come here to grind their grain and paid a tax of 1 bag out of 22 to the local lord. The site was listed as protected heritage in 1954 and the exceptional building built from arkose stone (local bricks) or granite in 1970.

Discover the Moulin Banal on the small walking tour of Braine-le-Château.

Visit language : German, English, French, Dutch


Only on reservation and as part of the small guided tour of Braine-le-Château.


Guided tours of the Moulin Banal, the castle estate, the lapidarium, St-Remy’s church, the main square, the stocks and the Bailiff’s House:

Adult: €10

Article 27: €1

< 12 years: free

For school groups (< 12 years old): €5/child


4 Rue des Comtes de Robiano
1440 Braine-le-Château

Tel. +3223669349