Quarry of Opprebais




The stone extracted from here between 1754 and 1975 was quartzite. This is a very hard stone that was used well before the current quarry and can be seen in the municipality’s impressive sites, both natural and man-made. The quarry played a major role in the region’s economy during the industrial period with agriculture and particularly cultivation of flax. It was opened after the Namur-Louvain road was constructed. Today it has a wonderful landscape with an impressive lake from an underground water source, surrounded by rocky ground and plants. The nature walk takes you around it so you can learn about all the different aspects. The Nature House footbridge overlooks the quarry and gives a great view over the whole site. However, the water cannot be accessed and the site is surrounded by a fence. Swimming is not permitted.

Equipments and Services on site

  • Pets allowed
  • Accessible People with limited mobility


Rue les Fossés
1315 Incourt